Since 2006 the Civics Education Network (CEN) has been working hard to improve. The teaching of civics and politics in Ontario’s schools. Our vision is to see every student in Ontario leave high school with a passion for civic engagement and possessing the tools to become an active citizen.

Many organizations are working on the ‘problem’ of youth apathy. However, our approach is different. We don’t believe in youth apathy, rather we believe that the youth are not being properly addressed and engaged at all levels. From the federal government all the way down to the schools most people are not treating youth as citizens, addressing their needs or concerns, or taking the time to teach them what they need to know.

CEN is unique in that our programming is targeted to the one place that the youth can be reached. And where they are supposed to be learning how to be part the community – their school. We have and are actively developing programs which do one of two things, either help teachers to teach civics and politics in new and engaging ways or provide experiences for students within the context of their schools which they would not otherwise have had access to. Through better teaching and engagement in our schools we can as build a more active community now and in the future.

With our help, you are going to become an active part of a community. Every person needs to understand his rights and freedoms, and this is the goal of our organization.

The Civics Education Network Staff

Stephen Young, Founder and Executive Director

Kaylan Schwarz, President

Bryan Timm, Treasurer

Leigh-Anne Ingram, Director

Irena Kagansky-Young, Secretary

Jeff Taylor, Director